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Innovation is the only way for the late development of enterprises doors

Published: 2017-05-04 Clicks: 3500

The so-called "micro-innovation", is to do your things more simple and more convenient as possible, the product must not be from their own point of view, but from the way we must focus on the user needs to focus, not necessarily to do more wide surface ; most importantly, the need to have the ability to continue to meet users' needs, do not always expect "a trick-take-all."

So we assume it, "micro-innovation" the spirit to play in the traditional wood industry, will give the industry what kind of change? Perhaps the answer to this question in the following several aspects can be found.

Home building industry has developed more than 20 years, the market has matured, the emerging middle class with 80,90 consumer groups gradually into the ranks of the purchase of household products, home building products from the initial meet in grade on the common needs of large groups of segments, etc. has evolved to meet the individual requirements nowadays beauty, novelty needs.

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